5 Most Legit Blogging Sites That Pay in Ghana 2024 – Make Free Money With Adsense

Most of the time, finding legit blogging sites that pay in Ghana can be a headache especially if you do not know where to look or start. Most of the highest-paying sites based outside normally prevent Ghanaians and some parts of Africans from joining and making money from their site but in this article, we will be covering the sites that allow all Africans, not just Ghanaians to join and start making free money in 2024.

In Ghana, there are opportunities for us to make money from writing high-quality content, you can make real money from blogging sites that pay, which can be done locally or on international online platforms. I will list some local sites we can use and earn money as high-quality writers and will list some of the international sites we can use to make money in Ghana

Free Local Sites All Ghanaians Can Join Right Now And Get Paid In Mobile Money Writing


5 Most Legit Blogging Sites That Pay in Ghana 2024 – Make Free Money With Adsense – Mfidie.com

Mfidie is a well-established, reputable blog in Ghana. They write about tech, trending news, and how-to tips. They allow users to make money from their websites by writing useful or informative content. How does Mfidie work? Mfidie works by sharing their revenue made on that post that you made. The calculation is done according to the current views you have on the article you published, users can make up to a thousand cedis for over 10,000 views from high CPM and CPC countries.


5 Most Legit Blogging Sites That Pay in Ghana 2024 – Make Free Money With Adsense – Modern Ghana

Modern Ghana is a news company based in Ghana, they allow their users interested in writing, to make money from the Modern Ghana Website. It works the same as Mfidie, your views make you the money so the more views you get the more money you will be making. You can get paid through mobile money.


5 Most Legit Blogging Sites That Pay in Ghana 2024 – Make Free Money With Adsense – Ghana Celebrities

Ghana Celebrities is a popular blog in Ghana, they cover most news about the entertainment industry and allow their users to make money from their platform by writing content and earning a revenue share, again this is based on the views your post gets on the site. You can request a withdrawal via Mobile Money


5 Most Legit Blogging Sites That Pay in Ghana 2024 – Make Free Money With Adsense – Gh Students

GhStudents is a popular blog in Ghana offering insightful content for users online, they offer the opportunity to make money from their site as a writer and get paid per the views you get. You can request a withdrawal via mobile money.

These sites are local sites right here in Ghana that offer the opportunity to fellow Ghanaians to also make money online and get paid through mobile money in 2024. You can use the link to join.

How To Get More Views?

Even though the sites listed above already have thousands of organic monthly readers you don’t have to only rely on their readers to make your content on the site a success or get more views. If you really want to succeed with this you have to start by sharing the articles you wrote and publish to ensure you get enough views on it within the first hour of it being live on the website.

Secret hack to bring your blog post to the front page? If you can get at least 500 views within the first hour, the algorithms of the page will bring your article to the trending articles or posts section of the site. In this case, you will get most of the views with your article being on the front page, because all the posts you see on the front pages of bigger sites are all content that are doing very well. Don’t think your posts will instantly make it to the front page, that’s why if you don’t share at times you won’t even get 10 views. Follow the process.

Immediately after posting to the sites, share them on your social media pages, this includes but is not limited to

  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsapp
  3. X
  4. Instagram
  5. Quora
  6. Linkedin
  7. Pinterest
  8. Be Real
  9. Snap Chat
  10. VK

The more social sites you share, the more your reach and impressions will boost, this will affect your content on Google to get free organic followers without the need to hustle for them. Link sharing sends signals to Google, linking is also something that will increase your content authority to compete for space both on Google and on the sites you are writing for.

Now let’s discuss some international sites we can use and make money blogging and writing in 2024.

International Sites To Join And Make Money Writing – Get Paid In Ghana


International Sites To Join And Make Money Writing – Get Paid In Ghana – Hub Pages

Hubpages is a community platform in which users get to share their interests, ask questions, and get answers. They have a program that allows all users willing to write to make money from the platform. With Hubpages, you get to keep 60% that’s so cool. Please note, articles posted on Hubpages are called Hubs


International Sites To Join And Make Money Writing – Get Paid In Ghana – Cracked.com

Cracked is a bit different, they are not like the usual blog pages. They tend to offer more joy, and writers are to share funny articles or posts in exchange, you get paid handsomely. Users are reported to make over $50 for their first article and over $250 for their next 4 articles. Is Cracked.com good for me? Cracked is mostly for those who can make others laugh like the comedians or if you think you are funny you can try it, there’s no harm.


International Sites To Join And Make Money Writing – Get Paid In Ghana – Medium.com

Medium is a popular site that changed how we consume content, bringing different bloggers all together to share ideas and insights on their platform for free while earning from the content they published. Earnings will depend on how your content is performing, even though the medium already has millions of dedicated users, when starting you have to find ways to prove to the algorithm your content is worth pushing to the front page.

How to push content to the medium’s front page? just like discussed above, to do this as a beginner you have to try and find engagement for your content in the first hour of your article being live, this will help to notify the algorithm at work at Medium to bring your post to more people on Medium.

List Verse

International Sites To Join And Make Money Writing – Get Paid In Ghana – List Verse

List Verse is about list-based articles, when it comes to listing-based articles List Verse is one of the pioneers. They give a chance to make money on their site to most bloggers who are interested in list-based articles. With a minimum of ten items on the list, you stand to make over $100 per article you publish to the site.

How long does it take to get approved with listverse.com? List Verse at times takes around 2 weeks however at times you can get approved within 3 days up to 2 weeks.

How Do Revenue Sharing Programs Work For Writers?

Revenue Sharing programs are when business or companies decides to share revenue, in our case of blogging the revenue share is between you and the site owner. Revenue-sharing programs for bloggers are mostly shared with ads and calculated according to the views your post gets or currently has at the time of calculation.

let’s say your post made 10,000 views in the month, and you agreed to take 70% then if the site generated $1000 from your article you get to keep $700. This is just for one month, the same calculations will continue the following month allowing you to earn even more money.

Revenue-sharing programs are so great, they allow people to make money as bloggers without the need to own the blog or pay to host a blog site. Put your time into creating great content and sharing it with people, thinking of this as an asset. Your link will keep bringing in new money each day so far as people are reading your content.

What are CPM and CPC Rates

CPM stands for cost per impression, and CPC stands for cost per click. CPC and CPM, which pays better? Cost per click (CPC) pays much better, that’s because they are straightforward forward, and each click equals this or that. Cost per impression (CPM) is calculated at the hit of a thousand views, so for example you get $5 for your CPM, which means you will be earning $5 for the thousand views you generated.

Both are a sweet deal if they are offering good CPM or CPC. Also, one thing to note is that with CPC or CPM you have to focus more on the geographical locations of your readers. Currently, Which country has the highest-paid CPC and CPM rate? As I write this article the United Arab Emirates is the highest-paying CPC according to Word Stream and Norway is the highest-paying CPM with over $40 according to HubSpot Blog

CPC and CPM go all together especially if you are using ad networks to place ads on your site as bloggers. We must take note of the locations of our readers. This will make it easy to understand which countries are popular on your site, with this knowledge you can check and know if you are getting what you should be getting from your ad networks. Also, you can focus on creating content and targeting such locations to bring in more readers from such locations.

Are all bloggers depending on CPC and CPM? Almost all the bloggers are using CPM and CPC, just a few of them might not be using CPC and CPM, those are the ones who have good resources and links to monetize their audience alone and this means they get to keep everything and not share it like when using the CPC CPM.

How To Start A Free Blog And Make Money With Adsense

How To Start A Free Blog And Make Money With Adsense 2024 – Bugre Blogs

Starting blogging for free without paying anything is very possible. the opportunities are offered online with its limitations. You will receive a subdomain link. What’s a SubDomain Link? A subdomain link is when you are given the directory of another site since you don’t have any directory or hosting of your own, popular examples are blogs with .blogspot or.WordPress, etc.

To create a free Blog and start making money, you have to first plan your site and know what you will be doing or offering to your readers who visit your site, this can be content around tech, news, lifestyle, fashion, etc. The main aim is to find an interesting topic that you can write about over and over.

After you find out what you would like to write about is time to create the blog, I will share with you some free sites you can use to start your blogging and writing journey.

Here Are Some Free Sites To Create Free Blogs With Adsense In 2024

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  3. Tumbler
  4. Wix
  5. Square Space
  6. Edu Blogs
  7. Gator
  8. Ghost
  9. Weebly
  10. Cms Hub
  11. Web Flow

These are links to different popular sites where you can register your site for free, you can use them to start making money online by writing, you can register right now and start designing your first blog keeping in mind your topic, niche, and all the arrangements discussed in this post.

To start making money with Google Adsense you will have to get approved by the AdSense team, this is not a hard thing to do after your blog is mature and looking all clean and good to go because Google will not accept or approve sites that are not looking clean and has no focus. Google Team has to know what your blog is about to be able to serve appropriate ads to your readers.

Setting up your blog should be in the order of what you want to write about and also ensure that they comply with the AdSense eligibility requirements (you can read the eligibility requirements here) then submit a link to Google AdSense for approval Normally approvals will take 3 days to a week per my experience.

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