Top 27 Quality Blogs For Guest Posting In 2024

Top 27 Quality Blogs For Guest Posting – Boost Your SEO For Free In 2024

In 2024, guest posting is a great way to bring new followers and engaged readers to your page. Organic readers won’t find your links or page unless they are placed in appropriate places. Finding places where you will post your links mostly can be a difficult task.

However, here we compiled the top best-quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2024

One of the significant benefits of getting links via guest posting is they are of high quality and will help you rank higher and increase your domain authority. However, there are many things to avoid while guest Blogging.  Guest posts can do wonders when it comes to driving targeted traffic, meeting like-minded bloggers, or getting backing. Whatever the reason you select to guest blog, I recommend every blogger to try guest posting on other blogs. If you are not aware of the benefits of guest posts, sign up for our newsletters we will write a post on that.

How Does Guest Blogging Work

how does guest blogging work – Bugre Blogs

Most of the blogs listed here are high-quality blogs. They accept only quality posts. So if you are Guest Blogging for just link-building and self-promotion, they won’t approve your post.

As a guest publisher, you have to give more valuable content. Sometimes you need to offer more value than what you currently offer on your blog. This will help readers from other blogs see you as a professional and therefore follow your link or back links.

You have to try your best to write quality blog posts or articles targeting the right keywords to ensure they meet SEO standards. All blogs love SEO, if you include SEO targeting while writing your content, it will help you to get the post on that blog.

This is because established blogs’s already worked hard to earn their position on Google as an authority, you won’t write for blogs that don’t have a reputation or authority online right? Well, they love to accept the kind of posts that resonate with their audience and the standards for how they currently publish on their blog.

Also, if you are new to Bugre Blogs, we are a blog that also accepts guest publishers building good backlinks and getting high authority for their site if you would like to guest post on our blog? you can use our contact form to contact us.

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What Are Some Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2024?

ShoutMeLoud: This is an award-winning blogging site, it helps people to master blogging, SEO, and everything in between. They Accept guest posts on their site. They have high organic readers which writers can tap into for backlinks and organic readers, write something informative and you will be good to go.

Users can register on their site, and submit guest posts via emails or contact forms. We offered links below to directly submit a Guest post below. | Submit Guest Post

Content Marketing Institute: Just like their name goes, Content Marketing Institute is about helping people with useful tools and information to become better marketers online and offline. As a guest blogger, you have to write content about marketing for their site.

From Webinars to video content and blog posts, you just have to meet their submission guidelines which I linked below.

Submission guidelines

HubSpot: This is a CRM platform, that offers their customers analytics and insights into their customer’s relations and engagement with their website.

As a guest blogger, you have to focus on writing content about Customer Relations and Marketing, the goal is to write something that’s readable and matches what they publish to their audience. This will increase your chances of getting your article posted on the site with your links included.

To Guest blog on Hubspot, read the link below.

Submission guidelines

Outbrain: This is a platform that offers solutions to businesses. With Outbrain you drive better results with their AI-based predictions for your campaigns, promotions, and marketing which will help you connect with more targeted users.

To guest blog for Outbrain, write content about Keyword research, marketing, or promotions. You can write how-tos on how to market or create effective campaigns online and offline.

Submission guidelines With this company, they are about helping writers aka bloggers to become better bloggers. They also cover things about the creator economy which means the finance for creators. How to make money as a content creator, getting ads monetization, etc.

They also allow for guest posts. To guest blog on Copy Blogger, you have to write about blogging content. So any topic under blogging can be SEO, page optimization, marketing driving traffic, etc.

Use the link below to submit a guest post in case you haven’t. Always make sure you are you are offering or writing only quality and informative content.

Submit Guest Post

Smashing Magazine: This is a site for web designers and bloggers. If you are a creator and want to get your business online with a professional domain you can with this site.

Also, they accept guests on the topic of site creation, the design of a blog page, etc. Below is a link for all the guidelines.

Guest post guidelines

Inc42: This is a media site from India. Their readers are Indians. So if you would like to attract Indian readers to your site then here’s what you need. You also have to find keywords that are trending in India (will surely be in their language)

Inc 42 is a site dedicated to media and information. This covers tech, startups, and the Internet economy. If you have any knowledge on these topics you can write something very good and get it posted on the site to help you with organic indian traffic.

The link below to get your posts submitted for review, always note to write high-quality content.

Contact for a guest post

YourStory: This site is also an Indian site. They cover internet information. Dedicated to startups. This site is a sweet sweep for organic Indian readers to your site. With the right keywords and topics, followed by relatable backlinks your blog will start to trend and gain authority in India.

If you have knowledge on Indian topics or topics that you think Indians will love, write something and submit it to them for review

Daily Blog Tips: Daily Blog Tips is a site that offers information to its readers. They cover topics on success and money-making online just like on Bugre Blogs.

If you have knowledge of money making online and success online, you can write something informative and get it posted on the site. They accept guest posts.

With the knowledge of online money making you don’t have to waste any time, just get writing. The thing with this blog is you can write on different topics, their topics are from money making, affiliate marketing, social media, etc.

Daily Blog Tips | Submit Guest Post

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Kissmetrics: For data analysis and understanding of your audience and their behavior on your website, loss metrics are the site.

You can write about data analysis, how to use the platform kiss metrics and more. So long as your content is high quality and informative that’s all you need, read the link below for guidelines.

Submission guidelines

The Huffington Post: This is a popular site, and they have gained recognition and a reputation online. Despite their millions of monthly readers, they accept guest posts.

The content you submit for publishing on Huffington Post can be about success and entrepreneurship. Almost any topic can go on the site, you have to write high-quality content and make sure your links are not too much maybe their e is enough for a good cut of percentage for your success with it.

Read the link below for guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

HellBound Bloggers: This is a site that also covers topics on money making, marketing, SEO, social media, etc. Their content is always updated.

They accept guest posts on their site, if you have knowledge or some tricks and how-to on doing certain like making money online, marketing, etc. you can use the link below to submit a post for publishing.

Write for us

More Blogs on Blogging/Marketing:

InspirationFeed: This is a digital magazine, that covers everything from the net worths of people, their lifestyle, and self-development amongst others.

If you have any knowledge of blogging, SEO, marketing, self-development. You can start to write some valuable content and get it published on the site.

This will help you to attract new readers to your blog in Ghana or anywhere in Africa, all you need to do is write something valuable and informative, and the rest is gonna be okay.

Here’s a link, if you like to submit a guest post to Inspiration Feed.

Submit a guest post

Marketing Profs: This is a site with a belief that learning changes lives. They gave training and courses. Also, a free blog where people can read articles.

They accept guest posts. You have to write content about learning or maybe any of the topics listed above. Here’s the link if you would like to submit a guest post to Marketing Profs.

Submit guests post to marketing profs

Small Biz Trends: As their name goes, this site helps to inform new businesses about what’s ahead of them. They cover topics from business news, movers, and shakers of the industry.

They are more like a news site for small startup businesses, if you would like to get yourself informed here you have the perfect site.

If you have any news that might be useful and can be linked back to your page, if the content is not relevant is very likely they won’t publish your content.

Use the link below to submit a guest post to Small Biz Trends now.

Submit guest post

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Blogs on BlockChain/Bitcoin

If your blog is about Bitcoin and blockchain then here are some sites for you. Please note that you don’t have to submit a guest post to a site that does not share the same niche as you.

For your chances to increase in getting your content published on the bigger sites a small or beginner blogger will have to ensure they focus on attracting only readers from the same niche.

What’s a niche? Well, a niche is about the pages and categories you are writing about, if you are writing for a vlogging niche then submitting for a vlogging page or website is a good deal.

Now, let’s get into some links.

CoinSutra: This is an educational platform that is focused on educating the public on Bitcoin trading and automatic trading.

If you have some information about bitcoins trading which you know will be very useful to readers you just have to write content and submit it for publishing.

BitcoinChaser: This is a Bitcoin news site, that covers all news on Bitcoin, casinos, etc. This site is more about gambling and buying bitcoin is part of their dealings which is why they are on this list.

They accept guest posts, you have to write a minimum of at least 1500 words, and the sweet spot is 2000 words.

Blockgeeks: Is on a mission to share and grow knowledge about Bitcoin and its trade. Most people still don’t know about Bitcoin or if they do they have little knowledge.

This site accepts guest posts on Bitcoin topics. So if you have so ideas to write about concerning Bitcoin then you have to just submit them to Block Geeks.

Some Links About Technology Blogs

Readwrite: is a site focused on technology, a tool that can be used for different things ranging from emojis to formatting tools.

They Accept Technology niche kind of articles, if you have knowledge of technology and its use, here’s a site for you.

From howtos to gadgets reviews so far as your article is niched to the technology industry you are good to go, use the link below to submit a guest post now. | Submit Guest Post

ShoutMeTech: This is a blog that focuses on both technology and Bitcoin. With this combination, you can write about the use of technology and how to make money from it using Bitcoin.

Pro Tip: always make sure you research your articles to ensure you are providing only accurate information.

Ones you have your article well written following SEO guidelines, you can use the link below to submit a guest post to Shout Me Tech now. | Submit Guest Post

TechWyse: Unlike their name, TechWyse is more into internet marketing and SEO development. SEO is a booming topic online and if you can write an article on SEO and blogging or internet marketing you get to attract even more readers.

The overall global search for SEO and internet marketing runs into the millions per month. You can therefore tap into some of this free traffic by writing guest posts and linking back to your site.

With all these sites you can write and tap into free traffic from different blogs which have organic readers already. To have the best of luck you have to ensure you are writing high-quality articles for your topics to ensure you are delivering valuable information. | Submit guest post

Blogs On Seo

Moz Blog: This is a blog focusing on SEO for website owners, bloggers, and business owners. They have high-quality content published around the topic seo.

They accept guest posts, from writers who provide high-quality information and not just click-baiting their organic readers for clicks. Ensure you are not writing content that will force people to click (that’s clickbaiting).

Focus on the keyword and choose some links at least three links that are useful and can be linked back to your website or blog. If you limit your links are only three you have a higher chance of getting your articles published on the sites you choose to write for. | Submit Guest Post

Blogs On Social Media

Social Media Today: As the name goes, they provide daily news about social media. The latest updates and useful how-tos, tricks, and hacks people can do on social media to increase your followers, reach, and exposure.

They accept guest posts, a fact most of the content on their site are guest posts. They don’t mind so far as you offer genuine content for them to publish.

They have good authority score, and they rank high on Google, this means you get to tap into that and also get results as you will rank high, when you get genuine backlinks from popular and high authority pages it helps to establish and also boost your page authority online to compete for space online. | Submit Guest Post

Social Media Examiner: This is a blog site for news and insights into marketing, they provide information on marketing and data analytics alongside industry news.

They accept guest posts with informative content, ones you send them your article for publishing they will first review your article and decide if it meets their terms for posting.

Ones you have your article ready, here are links for you to check out and submit guest posts to Social Media Examiner. | Submit Guest Post

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Blogs On Designing

Onextrapixel: is a web-based designer, that offers designs for different uses examples are bloggers and business owners. With their passion for sharing some valuable design information.

They accept guest posts, and users can write about designing and how it can benefit people. You can always come up with more ideas to write about. | Submit Guest Post

Webdesignledger: This is a website that offers different tools both premium and free to customers. They offer different designs for websites, bloggers, or even magazines, and niche businesses. | Submit Guest Post

Webanddesigners: is a web design blog, that offers useful web design resources both for free and paid. They also write useful blog content to help various web designers take their skills to the next level.

They accept guest posts on their blog site, writers can submit articles for review and if published you stand to get lots of organic readers from your link. Use the link below to submit articles to Web and Designers. | Submit Guest Post

Skyje: This is a site that offers tools to its users, they help site owners pass the SEO test and rank on Google for various topics.

Skyje focuses more on website SEO, if you write content around keywords for SEO you have a higher chance of getting your articles published on

Links below to submit your articles for review. Make sure to target SEO keywords and also make your content SEO-friendly. | Submit Guest Post

Conclusion: Get writing and submit some guest posts, most of the sites listed here get millions of monthly readers and the least around 100k a month. You can get 30K monthly organic readers from guest posting alone not including organic search, social media, and other links.

As a blogger guest blogging will not just help you build online trust but also help you to accelerate your growth and authority online. If you have any comments leave them below, and I will be glad to reply to them.

Bugre Roger is an experienced and passionate blogger known for sharing knowledge and insights through their platform, Bugre Blogs. With 8 years of experience, they cover diverse topics including tech, online money-making, business startup tips, personal growth, and self-improvement. Their engaging and thought-provoking content has established them as a trusted voice in the community. Beyond blogging, Bugre Roger enjoys reading, gaming, staying fit, and spending time with family and friends. Their dedication to writing and helping others makes them a valued member of the blogging community.
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