Top Secret Sites To Make Money Online In 2024 For Africans

How To Get Paid Mobile Money In Africa – Top Secret Sites To Join Make Money Online 2024

2024 is here already and the next thing is surviving it, making plans for the following years. In 2024 the money ideas I will be sharing here will not be about clickbait. Yes, you can make some money using clickbait sites but that’s not enough to get you what you really want in life. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top-secret sites Africans or Ghanaians can use to make money online in 2024 and some online businesses to make money online and cash out via Paypal or MTN MOMO.

Depending on what your goals are for wanting to make money online. The best way in my case will always be when you offer value or services online for good money. With clickbait sites, you only get to earn cents while on the other hand if you are doing the kind of hustles am about to show you will be earning from 10 to over 1000 dollars per deal or sale.

The sites that will offer you good money for your time online are the ones that offer value or services. there’s no way you will be making a good amount of money while only doing the clickbait tasks. For example, sharing links to make money, like I said works but in this article, we are focusing more on the good money per one sale or deal.

With this, you get to focus more of your energy on getting a bigger bread than just cents which you will need more energy to get the conversions needed to make it to 10 dollars, infact per my experience with some of the sites you won’t even get Upto 10 dollars because you won’t be getting deals to fulfill and get that’s amount. You will be limited of course unless you are located in high cpc places.

Because if you are located in the high cpc places you are paid more for just one click, that will not cross $3 that’s if only you get clicks from high CPC places for example Canada, Belgium, etc. So like I said to make a good amount of money we have to focus on the sweet deals.

If you can focus on only one project and promote it over and over there’s a higher chance of hitting more figures than if you are sharing lots of links without any experience. If we focus on the sweet deals we get to earn 100s of dollars per sale which in this case is much better than the other one.

So with this in mind, know that the sites I will be listing will only be limited to sites where you get to offer services or value online. This means with just your data you get to earn money. So either you have a skill or just want to make money online without any skill you will surely have to learn about how to do affiliate marketing. If you learn affiliate marketing you will be much better online. Hey, affiliate marketing is a gold mine.

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Freelance Sites

Top Secret Sites To Make Money Online In 2024 For Africans – Freelance Sites.

The number one site on my list is for freelance sites. What are freelance sites? Well, freelance sites are sites that offer gigs to people from all over the world in exchange for cash, yeah cool cash. With freelance you only need a skill, people even do things like custom word saying for people for cash. So even if you don’t have any skills you can still do some freelance work and earn something from the internet.

Freelance Sites will help you to make money online with your skills. Whether you will be creating content or will be doing custom work, freelance workers make thousands of dollars online with just their phones or laptops in Ghana here and the whole of Africa.

You just have to be creative and you will be good to go. Others are offering high skills while others are offering low skills, There is no competition, when starting you will see people making thousands of dollars per month, just focus and list your own gigs. As you start, your chances will also start. Is all about what you think you can do for cash. When you register you have to set up your page as a freelancer and start to accept gigs.

Here are some free freelance sites to join and make money in 2024 for free worldwide.

There are lots of freelance sites out there, however in this case these sites win for the best sites to make money as freelancers in 2024.

If you do decide to sign up for any of the sites, try and keep the right mindset and approach this. Because it won’t start to work instantly. Depending on your skill you can charge a minimum as you are just starting to only build your portfolio then you can start to charge what you are truly worth.

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Affiliate Marketing

Top Secret Sites To Make Money Online In 2024 For Africans – Affiliate Marketing

Yes the almighty affiliate marketing, am not sure this will be completed without adding affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s any blogger who does not do affiliate marketing or will say affiliate marketing is dead in 2024 because affiliate marketing is always a part of the best money-making ideas for online in 2024 if not the king.

Affiliate marketing is something that’s done from the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself. Whether in the bathroom or even at work side, you can always pull your phone and instead of just scrolling on social media you also start to make money online. All you will need to succeed with affiliate marketing is marketing skills or sales skills.

You will have to find ways to market and find buyers for the links you will be affiliate for. Some affiliate links are for signups and some are for buying virtual products, others are for physical products. So depending on your links you have to devise a way to market and still find people to convert. what are some good affiliate sites that offer good payouts in 2024?

Here are some affiliate sites to Join in 2024 for good payouts


These are some of the sites that offer good payouts per client. Some offer up to $60 just for one signup so while you do the calculations you can see with just 2 clients per month you will be making over $100 as a side income. A side income which if you add to your main income will help to pay some bills and get things done. Better than the clickbait apps claiming to pay real money.

What makes this even more lucrative is that you can think of these as an asset, because the links will continue to generate money for you while the link is still active and people are giving impressions on it. Affiliate marketing is a good money-making side hustle to join online. Some also do this full-time and get paid through mobile money as students in Ghana, this is because it is really very lucrative if you have the marketing skills or sales skills needed to succeed in affiliate marketing in 2024.

Content Creation

Top Secret Sites To Make Money Online In 2024 For Africans – Content Creation

Among all the lists, content creation is the most lucrative. The funny thing is they will always require some skill set from you. Content creation is a big topic but am going to try and make it as short as possible and list some good ones you can start. I will soon write a full guide on becoming a content creator so stay tuned ( am a content creator so watch out).

There are different types of content creators, we have the script ones which are the ones like myself on this blog who write. If you love to write then you can become a content creator as a blogger. Aside from that, we have the visual creators which are the ones we see on TikTok and Instagram, etc.

When you realize you can do something that enables you to become a content creator, you have to set yourself up with the tools to start. If you choose content creation then you have to get yourself some camera or a cameraman and an editor if you can’t do them while still creating the content.

How do content creators make money? Content creators make their money mostly from sponsors and ads placed on their videos. Your earnings potential as a content creator is limitless. Some ways to make money as a content creator? you can sell merch, place ads, get sponsored, sell products even get endorsed, and more. Offers will keep coming in so far as you stay relevant.

You have to choose something and start, once you start you have become a content creator. here are some sites to choose from if you would like to become a content creator in 2024.

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These sites listed will allow you to make money as a content creator. While making videos, audio, or writing you get paid. With the right mindset, and hard work which will ensure you make it, your time spent online won’t be a waste.


As we come to the end of this article is important to note that even though there are lots of opportunities it doesn’t mean we have to do it all. We have to choose one or two just for the start, as time goes on depending on how you do you can add other ventures.

Just don’t waste your time, focus your energy on growing something to a successful level before venturing into different things, at times beginners are wondering and don’t even know which to choose. If this is your case then try and understand yourself as to the things you love to do most, or the things you think your current followers will love even your friends.

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