Reasons Why Ghana Students Are Not Making Money Online.

Reasons Why Students Are Not Making Money Online.

Ghana is a great country, with promising youths filled with opportunities for people like ourselves and those yet to be born. This article is also for all Africans who are still struggling to make money online or start a business from home.

Disclaimer: This is just for educational purposes. I decided to write this after reading an article on Quora asking How Hard It Is For Students To Make Money Online In Ghana In 2024. Nothing negative is meant with this post, just a thought am sharing for us all to communicate about this topic.

First of all, there are lots of opportunities for us Ghanaians and Africans to take hold of and make good income from the internet. In Africa there’s a thing about youths who make money from the internet in 2024 and the truth is that’s not entirely true.

Yes, there are some of the youths who are into illegal things online. But just like in the real world, there are good things also online on the internet and we can take good advantage of them. All these opportunities will require us to learn about them and decide which will work for us individually.

The internet is like the real world, and we can’t just do anything and hope it will yield results instantly. Most people fail online from Africa especially Ghana with the reason it just didn’t work. People were not responding to their promotion and they were not making any returns so it was a waste of time. When on the other hand you could have engaged in figuring out why is not working like you would have done in the real world.

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The opportunities on the internet are millions if not billions. In this article, I will be listing some reasons I think are hindering students from Africa especially Ghana from making money online.

Lazy Mindset

A lazy mindset is something that’s bothering most of the students in Africa. Am hoping you reading this is not part of the percentage of the students part of a lazy mindset. The lazy mindset is simply about the thoughts of making it quickly and so you lose your zeal or motivation as you start to face the reality that it isn’t like you thought.

I’ve been a victim of this lazy mindset so I know what am talking about. This is very common in most of the students in Africa. Most believe that the internet is quicker than the real world. But the real truth is you only get to make it quickly if you have lots of knowledge and skills at your disposal. Some people made it quickly and some did not.

The purpose of you wanting to make money online shouldn’t be that you want to make it quickly, because you think is not possible to make it quickly in the real world. Some are hard workers in the physical world while others are hard workers online. Some are lazy offline (in the physical world) while some are lazy online. So, Just like in the real world, you get to hustle to make money. You also have to hustle to make money online in 2024. If you understand this then the lazy mindset won’t hurt you at all. You won’t even be a part of the lazy mindset crew.

So How Do I Check My Self For The Lazy Mindset?

Check yourself to see if you are part of the lazy mindset this will help you know where you are standing, if you find out that you are mostly motivated to work and hustle even if there are no results, is a clear sign that you are not part of the lazy mindset. On the other hand, if you find yourself mostly giving up when you realize your hustle is not bringing much profit at the moment and give up, that’s a clear sign that you are in the lazy mindset system.

The lazy mindset is what mostly causes the failure of businesses to hustle online. And I don’t blame anyone because like myself I was made to believe this and that will work quickly when watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. The tiles and thumbnails might confuse you into thinking this is something that will cause your breakthrough to come alive the same day week or even month.

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So How Do I Break From The Lazy Mindset?

To break from the lazy mindset, first of all, you have to reset some of your goals. If you have goals that have words like to make it quickly then that’s what you need to change. To simply break from this, you need to understand that it will take some time before you can make it online just like in real life. Simply changing your mindset from making it quickly will allow you to work harder and work because you love it not because you want to make it quickly. This is what will surely bring you success over time.

This will increase your chances of blowing, rather than believing you can make it quickly and then failing to continue because in reality like everyone will always face you have to ensure you put in the work to make the necessary success you want to achieve.

It doesn’t matter what kind of venture you are into online. Whether Social media skits, online shops, affiliate marketing, social media management, blogging, etc. Fight the lazy mindset and ensure you gain what you want by putting in the hustle online.

One Way Mentality

Just like to be really financially free you have to ensure you have multiple income streams. A one-way mentality, for example, is someone who only creates one income source and depends on it for their whole lifetime. You have to learn to be versatile and what I love to call a multi-way mentality. The multi-way mentality is simply knowing how to do things in different ways.

If you can do things in different ways it increases your Chances online. Let’s say you know how to market versatile using the multi-way mentality. In this case, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one thing, you have to continue to learn to get to know different ways you can accomplish the same thing.

This depends on the kind of venture you are into, let’s take the social media skits for example, you can decide to learn different ways you can promote your videos to people on the platform and even on other platforms with the combinations of hashtags, keywords, etc.

If you can learn camera handling and editing will also give you even more chances online. Know that all these are a plus for you. And please before anything let me make it clear, is not by force to be multi-way, if you find it distracting you can always hire someone to handle such tasks.

However, if you decide to go the multi-way, just know that it will give you many chances. To be able to make it online. The opportunities online are endless and each day new opportunities are being added online.

You just have to make up your mind to try different ways just as you will have done in real life. If you try something and it doesn’t work online you have other chances to try and see what happens. Just Dont Give Up Yet.

Just as the saying goes, only those who give up are those who actually or have really failed. So far as you are still trying or doing something different because what you were doing previously didn’t work doesn’t mean you failed.

You have the experience to start something new, so don’t give up easily when something is not working for you at the beginning of whatever venture you decide to go into.

Overthinking Over Than Practicing

Most of the time students overthink what they learn. I chose to go to a technical school for a reason and is simply because I loved to practice whatever I learned.

Practicing will help you to learn faster and also understand what you are doing so you don’t easily lose hope or faith over what you are doing online or offline. This applies also to physical business as well as online.

With this point all you have to take or understand is. Don’t waste time trying to understand things, just practice them and you will find yourself understanding it much better. Whatever you are learning if only is practical try and practice it at least once a day or a few times a week depending on how busy you are.

So try your best to stop thinking over whatever it is you want to do and start to take steps to achieve it. Thinking about it won’t help you to understand, is an experience that you will gain only from practice or lessons that you will learn as you take the steps or practice.

Whatever business you are thinking of getting into online or offline. Try and get started. As you read this post, know that you have to start as soon as you can, if you are still stuck thinking about what’s best and what will work? You might end up thinking for the rest of your life and not doing anything.

And the fact is overthinking won’t solve any problem at all. You will end up wasting even more time which you should have invested Into executing which will have brought the results much faster than you want.

If you truly want results then stop overthinking the process and start taking action. That’s all you have to take from this point. take steps and stop overthinking whatever process that you have to go through.

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Not Knowing How To Sell Or Market.

The last thing I will be talking about is dealing with some of you who don’t know how to sell or market your goods or services. Whether you offer goods or services it will always require some marketing and some skills in selling to be able to succeed.

Considering the kind of venture you are into it will always require you to have the skill to sell or market. Most people will have to buy what you are offering, that skill is the most important, and that’s why most of the time marketers spend thousands of dollars to get the skill and acquire the knowledge.

If you are a good salesperson or marketer this won’t be a problem for you, all you have to do is put into practice the steps you have learned and you are good to go.

Most of the time students don’t have this skill yet and that’s why they mostly fail. As a student whether in JHS or SHS just try your best to start learning some marketing or sales. Marketing and Sales are almost the same just that with marketing you get to learn to do more than just reach out to customers to convince them to make a purchase.

In Africa, if you are not someone who naturally loves to learn or ask questions then very sure that you wouldn’t really know how to sell properly unless, of course, you had the life we had when growing up. Some of this will force you to drop out of school or work while schooling.

And no am not saying that you won’t be able to sell if you have deals from selling at home or at shops where you didn’t get the chance to learn from school. What you learned from home can also be applied if it corresponds.

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So what should I do?

If you find yourself a part of this then try your best to start learning how to sell. This is an important skill that will excavate your growth as you sell and also learn new things in the process.

The most important thing about being able to succeed online is to be able to sell, it doesn’t matter what kind of deals you are on or what niches. It will always require sales. And of course, unless you have the money to hire a professional salesperson then this won’t be a burden to you at all.

If you are a hustler like me, who started with nothing, get ready to learn some valuable selling skills that will help you to make it faster online. If you don’t learn how to sell you will find this to be hard instead of having fun because you know exactly what you are doing.

One difference why people fail to make it online is simply because they don’t understand what they are doing. Maybe is probably because they are just mindlessly following a tutorial. Am not saying tutorials are not good, I do learn from tutorials also from time to time aside from what I learn from school.

My point is don’t be following tutorials mindlessly just following exactly what they are doing and expecting the same results they had in the video. It will then shock you when you realize in reality of course it won’t be possible to make thousands of dollars on the first day of doing something online. This is only possible if you have enough followers online or skills at your disposal..

There’s a lot to talk about on this topic, watch out for my next post. Leave a comment and Let me know if you have any questions. Am always happy to reply to all your comments and help you understand what this is all about.

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