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As a student we all faced this….being broke, it happens every day in the life of every student, because if not for the case that maybe your parents can afford everything for you which didn’t happen to me and most of my friends. So here are 7 ways you can make money for Free

1. Fill Out Online Surveys

Surveys have long been a popular way for students and everyday consumers to make a little bit of extra money on the side. There are countless research companies out there looking for insights that they can sell to big-name brands. That means that if you’ve got time to fill in a few forms a day, you should be on your way to some extra cash. You won’t earn thousands from filling out surveys, but you can earn up to £3 per questionnaire on some sites.

2. Publish a Book

While finding the time to publish a book while you’re working on your degree might seem a little unrealistic, you can publish almost anything online. You don’t necessarily need to create a long book, just a basic eBook or children’s novel could be enough to make some money. Students are usually pretty good at researching and writing things, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something to write about. List your book online with Amazon, and anytime someone buys it you’ll earn 70% of the sale.

3. Be a Clickworker

Being a click worker might not be the most exciting way to earn money in the digital world, but it is one of the easiest options. To perform this task, all you need to do is go to a website like Clickwroekr.com where you can find companies advertising simple tasks that they need people to do quickly. These jobs might include form filling or web research.

Basically anyone can give click working a try, and you don’t need a lot of skill to do it. You’ll be rewarded for your work with PayPal cash, and you’ll also be able to choose the hours when you work so you can fit it in around your education.

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4. Get A Part-Time Gig

In the past, freelancing wasn’t much of an option for students who needed a part-time gig. If you couldn’t go out to work, there would be a good chance that you’d struggle to find an extra source of income. Fortunately, there are now dozens of websites set up online for people who want to work on projects by the hour.

If you can design websites, write blogs, or simply help out with basic administrative tasks like answering emails, then you could be in demand. Check out sites like Fiverr to get started and see how much you can earn online.

5. Sell Your Notes

Why not earn some extra money by helping out your fellow students? If you don’t mind sharing the notes that you’ve taken during your classes with other people, then you can sell them for a little extra cash online. You can choose the price that you want people to pay for your insights, and basically get rewarded for paying attention in your lectures.

Just remember that most of the sites that you can sell your notes through will take a small cut from the money that you earn to pay for things like marketing and hosting.

6. Sell Your Books

When you’re finished using a specific set of course books, a great way to make some extra cash is to get rid of those books on sites like Amazon and eBay. Don’t just leave them there to gather dust – books can be expensive, and many frugal students would prefer to buy second-hand to save money where they can.

You’ll just need to make sure that you don’t directly write in the margins of any of the books you want to sell, or highlight the pages, as this will obviously drive down the price you can ask for the book.

7. Become a Tutor

Why wait until you’ve finished your degree to get the most out of your education? Start selling on what you’ve learned straight away by becoming a tutor. It’s best to tutor people in the year below you, as you’ll probably feel a lot more confident teaching the parts of your course that you’ve already covered.

You can even create courses online that you can sell to people in your spare time, so you don’t have to find moments in your schedule for face-to-face sessions.

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