Best Practice To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing In 2024

Best Practice To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing In 2024

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable business ventures to involve yourself in if you are looking to make money online. The affiliate marketing space is worth billions of dollars heading to trillions (that’s if we haven’t reached there yet, still waiting for the 2024 release)

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024?

To start affiliate marketing, you have to register on sites which will offer you these opportunities for free. I will list some that offers this opportunities to all of Africans, which means no matter where you are, there’s a site for you which pays very well. Sites that offer affiliate marketing to world wide users are:


Impact Affiliates

Share A Sale


Convert Kit

CJ Affiliates


Commission Junction

In Ghana, there are lots of opportunities online for us just as in other African countries. We just have to search and research to find that which will work for us individually. This simply means finding one that you enjoy promoting with. Affiliate marking is not something that will make you rich overnight, it will take some time. But then you have to ensure you are putting in all the work in promoting to drive sales to your links.

If you already have a good amount of followers online then this venture will be very easy for you in fact you can start to make 100 dollars from the first day. This is because affiliate marketing depends totally on how we can reach people and convert them to customers to earn a commission.

There are two types of commissions, the one-time commissions and the recurring commissions. If you understand the two then you will surely love recurring because this ensures you are constantly getting paid so far as registered people remain registered and continue to pay for the app or service you promoted to them.

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Here I will give you 5 Steps to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing In Ghana Or Anywhere In Africa.

Step Number One: Choose Your Niche.

Choosing your niche is always the number one step to succeeding with affiliate marketing in Ghana or anywhere in Africa. The moment you can nail your niche to the wall the next thing is profiting from that niche with the products you got to promote.

When choosing a niche you need to consider some facts. Such as where does your passion strikes the most? There are some topics or categories of things that may spark your blood or emotions when you think of them. To me, that’s how you find your niche. A niche that because of passion and love for it will surely be a success over time.

Finding your niche can be so frustrating that some people can give up on that first step. But the fact is, if you can find your niche like I stated above it makes it easy to stay in this field and succeed. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick thing. But with the right steps and the right audience you will be able to succeed and make bags off the internet with your phone or laptop only.

It can take some days to find your niche, just take your time and think over and over. Right down all the things that interest you and see if you can find goods or products to promote relating to that niche or field that you find interesting. Once you find that niche make sure you write it down and research it to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to sell or market the affiliate products you will be approved for.

Most people make the mistake of promoting things just because they offer good percentages. That could work at times but that’s not in most cases. Because to really succeed in the field you need to keep selling or marketing the products to keep earning, especially if you get approved for recurring earnings kind of deals. Yes, I love those kind of deals:).

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Step Two: Decide Where To Promote

Deciding where to promote your products is also a great thing to consider if you truly want to succeed in the affiliate marketing space online. There are numerous ways to promote and succeed with affiliate marketing online, some are social media and websites like this blog.

You can start your own blog or maybe start a social media page. You can also use your own social media page to promote the goods and products. I will soon share some sites to use and find some profitable goods to promote online just keep reading to understand before using the sites.

With this blog am really keen on giving out knowledge as am also still hustling am happy to share my experiences and what am learning on this journey. So I would really love for you to get to understand what it really is about before you get involved.

My suggestion to follow if choosing where to start promoting in case you don’t yet have anything in mind, is to start a blog. And yes you can use social media to also market, it all works great. I will explain why I said blogging.

Blogging gives you a great advantage, you first of all get to catch readers’ attention and then promote the products to them. You really want to ensure you are giving as much value as possible and not be all about making money and not giving enough information or value. With blogging, you can build a community of honest readers who are truly interested in a certain topic.

If you decide to go with social media marketing, then you will still have to create or use a page that has a focused niche with loyal followers. You won’t really make anything if you have fake followers or kinds of followers that are not about what you are promoting. A good example is when you are promoting things about bodybuilding that are of course meant for men, to women kind of focused page like a beauty page, that’s surely not gonna work, and if you had sales? Is surely because someone bought it for their boyfriend or husband.

Is all about having a focused niche. It doesn’t matter if you are using social media or blog sites to promote. All that matters is that you have loyal followers who are interested in a specific topic or niche.

Step Three: Find Affiliate Programs To Join

This is my favorite part. This is where you get to decide which companies or organizations you want to work with. You will always need to get approved before you are allowed into the portal to create or get links to promote.

I will provide some links for you to check out sites that are offering some of the best programs to join in 2024 if you truly want to succeed with affiliate marketing. Most of the time we are not able to find profitable deals but that’s not the case with the links am gonna share.

Finding the sites that work best for you is another crucial step to consider. What works for me might not really work for you. You just have to understand the Idea and then put it to work. On the other hand, if you don’t understand and you just sign up and after you find out you can’t use that site surely you will give up. So take your time to first know the sites that will work for you.

With this I mean, you just have to find out and only use the kinds of sites you understand and know how to use. Of course, you will have to learn about the sites like everyone does.

Here is a list of sites you can check out if you want high-ticket affiliate deals in Ghana or anywhere in Africa. Offers over $60 per successful signup.

Semrush offering $200 per successful signup and $10 for each new lead.

Liquid Web: Offering 150% per successful Signup and that’s f**king really good. For example, if a customer chooses a package of $29 you get a whopping $150 you get it?

Hubspot: Offering $250 per each successful signup.

Kinsta: Offering from $50-500 depending on the package the customer chooses.

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Step Four: Get To Work! Drive Traffic And Sales

After getting all things checked in point, you now need to start working. All the steps above are just the preparations but this is where the real hustle begins. Driving traffic and sales to the links you are promoting.

So depending on the sites you decided to use. Creating pictures or videos or even writing blog articles if you choose blogging is the exact way to go with the promotion to drive sales. There are specific steps to take and get it done.

The steps will depend on what you choose as I said earlier on, so let’s talk about the blogging side first.

With blogging, you will certainly need to write articles and blog posts about the goods you are promoting. Don’t just clickbait because that won’t work, of course it worked back in the day but not anymore now. People now value content as you are reading just imagine if you were getting no value will you have continued to read till here?

If you give value in your blog articles you won’t have to convince them too much to believe you and then buy what you are giving them as genuine and trustworthy. Keep in mind never to promote goods that don’t work, because this will surely tarnish your image online and you can’t really do business unless you change to something else.

I can’t cover all about using blogging to drive sales and traffic to your affiliate sites. But all I can say in this short note is, give value if you are using the blog as a means of promoting goods and services. If you clickbait, especially on goods that don’t work but offer high returns that is gonna be a wrong move, like I said it doesn’t work anymore.

Now let’s talk about social media if you are using social media to promote. You have to get followers and engage with them. Then the followers will buy what you are offering. Is really hard to get people who don’t know you (not following you) to buy something you are promoting to be good and worth it. So if you are using social media try your best to first build a following in a specific niche before starting to promote. You can check out my social media tips HERE

Don’t just start with your links all over, that won’t work because people will know that’s clickbaiting, and only desperate people clickbait. So if you plan to use social media to promote and succeed with affiliate marketing online then you have to focus and create the pages and ensure they have enough followers like 100 or more, with affiliate marketing only genuine followers can work so don’t waste your time with bot followers or what’s popularly known as fake followers.

I will surely make a full post about this so please try and sign up for the newsletters to ensure you keep receiving updates about our new posts.

With these four steps, you are on a journey to succeeding. At times is hard to even start if you don’t know what to do or where to begin that’s why I made this post for anyone struggling like I did when I also just started out. Leave a comment am always glad to read and reply to your comments.

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